Video Profile: Olympic Hopeful

For this latest issue of the Concord Academy magazine, I did another short student profile — this time of an Olympic hopeful. I used the drone in some new ways, and experimented with some different angles to try to capture the explosive energy of the shot. Check out the video here.


New Campaign Gratitude Video

This fall, I worked with our Advancement and Engagement Team at Concord Academy to produce a video about the Centennial Campaign that would both update people on our progress and also share our sincere gratitude. For this video, I shot a bunch of new footage, and repurposed old footage we already had in the can. I’m proud of the result. Check it out below.


2015 Fishing Season Video

The 2015 season was a truly great year, with fun trips, big fish, and meeting great new people. Check out my video recap here.


Video on Popular Mechanics

It was great surprise to see the video I made for my good friend at A Concord Carpenter on the Popular Mechanics blog. Check it out below.


Concord Carpenter: Video Bumper

I’ve been helping my my neighbor and good friend Rob Robillard make a new bumper for his carpentry videos. I’m pleased to share the final product. We worked with Oxbow on this, with me shooting the video and Oxbow editing and providing the animation. They did a truly fantastic job — as always!

About Concord Academy Video

For the past few months we’ve been working on a new “About Concord Academy” video. We decided to highlight student voices and experiences over a traditional talking heads video. I’m etxremely pleased with how it turned out. Thanks again to Windy Films for this. As my old boss said, the first draft was a close to perfect as anything I’ve ever seen. We’ll be rolling this video out over the coming months.

Senior Chapel Talks Video

In telling Concord Academy’s story, one of the challenges has been how to talk about our senior chapel talks — a singular rite of passage with no religious connotations — without making it seem like at the heart of the CA education there is a religious tradition. With this video, Hans Mundhal and I hope to have captured the story and the spirit of this important tradition at CA.

New Haines House Seal: Video & Logo

In preparing for CA’s centennial in 2022, I have been working with my team and with input from faculty, board members, and our students, on ensuring that CA’s brand is as clear and as strong as it can possibly be.

We are pleased to share the news that the window logo will be replaced by a refreshed version of the Haines House seal — a building that was the first building that comprised CA,. The seal itself is an updated version of the seal this school used on its earliest diplomas and admissions pamphlets, a seal that has been a part of our community for over 90 years.

This work was done in partnership with Might & Main of Portland, Maine. To unveil it to the community, we made the below video with Oxbow from Burlington, Vermont.

Concord Academy Haines House Seal



Featured on Wistia's Learning Center

Courtesy of Wistia
Courtesy of Wistia

As you can probably tell, I’m a big fan of Wistia — a Cambridge-based video hosting company that’s doing awesome work. And so I was flattered when they asked me if they could interview me, and feature the work we’re doing at Concord Academy. Check out this link for the full interview!





Concord Academy Centennial Plan: Video & Magazine

I’m fortunate to be at Concord Academy as we plan for the institution’s centennial — and to be planning for it with some incredibly talented, visionary colleagues. In my role, with my team, we were tasked with launching the plan publicly. We did that through a threefold effort: a microsite, a special issue of the CA magazine, and a beautiful video done by the guys at Windy Films. I’m really proud of all three. See below.

Design Partner: Might & Main, Portland, Maine.

Creative Partner: Windy Films

Special Issue of the CA Magazine
Interactive PDF Here
Design Partner: Might & Main, Portland, Maine.